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Myths about Women

The Truth About Long Term Relationships

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Just because a woman is good looking, doesn't mean she's good for YOU!

" Learn the covert secrets of screening out drama queens,
psychos, and low self-esteem losers!"

Selecting Women Wisely



Here are some of David Shade's amazing discoveries:

  • First: It may seem obvious, but I've learned that 99% of men think because a woman is good looking she's good in bed. And men assume that all women are kind & gentle.
  • Second: I've discovered the covert skills and conversational methods for finding out quickly if a woman will be fun, exciting, and highly sexual or a psycho drama-queen who only has sex to keep a man around.
  • Third: I've learned most of the available advice on this topic is the same old re-hashed baloney you get from magazines like Maxim, and worse, some advice is... actually harmful!
  • Finally: I discovered when I taught my methods to a handful of men, in order to help them, I got rave reviews from them. And the men who learn and apply these techniques to their own lives get... another... big and unexpected advantage namely...

A New Feeling of Confidence, Peacefulness
and Sheer Joy Seems to Come Flooding in to
Every Other Area of Their Lives!

Selecting Women Wisely

How To Become An Amazing Lover In EVERY Sense of the Word!

Learn the Secrets of True Seduction That Will Make Women Surrender Completely.

* Are you a doofus with women?
* Is being alone no longer acceptable?
* Are you tired of pointless love affairs?
* Are you ready for a relationship that makes you feel good instead of like crap?


Women Made Easy

You can be the most amazing love she's ever had, in and out of bed.

If you can get her toes to curl, she's yours.

Make her feel beautiful and she won't be thinking about anyone but you.

Be her hero and her heart will melt.


How to be the jerk women love, 2nd edition

What If You Could Get The Benefits
Jerks Get With Women -- WITHOUT Being a Jerk?

Learn the 3 most powerful influences of jerks, the 4 most guarded secrets of jerks, the 5 character traits women find irresistible, the 6 deadliest mistakes men make in relationships, and learn the 13 sneakiest tricks and mind games of women. Plus much, much more!!


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The Ultimate System for Handling Relationships, especially with Women

What would your life be like if you had total power and control over ALL your relationships with women, if you could NEVER have your heart broken again…

“A Completely Different Approach to Dating, Women, and Relationships that Allows Me to Create Any Type of Relationship I Choose with Any Woman, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Literally on Demand, Completely Devoid of Emotional Turmoil, Rejection, Heartbreak or Misery”


50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships

Have you ever known a couple that seemed to be on cloud nine all the time? To strangers they would appear to be newlyweds, but in reality they have been together for years.

You will learn how those in blissful relationships solve the problems of holidays and in-laws, depression and financial woes. Are children (or step-children) causing a strain on your relationship -- we tell you how those in blissful relationships keep that from happening.



1000 Questions for Couples

What You Absolutely Must Know About the One You Are With!

How compatible are you and the person you are with? How would you know? Just because you like the same types of foods and pets does not mean that you can have a blissful, long-term relationship. Do you know why your mate does or doesn't attend church? Do you know how they really think about the way you dress? Have you ever asked your partner what are the three most sensitive parts on their body?




Learn how you can create a lasting, intimate relationship!

You really can have a lasting, loving relationship... one that transforms your entire life... one that, quite literally takes your breath away... and one that satisfies every cell in your being.

" Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks are masters in the art of relationship transformation."
— John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

While this book will give you hundreds of ideas (more than you could ever possibly need), more importantly, it will inspire and teach you how to come up with your own inventive and sincere ways of expressing your love. You don't just give a starving man a fish, you teach him how to fish. The RoMANtic's Guide doesn't just give romantically challenged people ideas, it provides them with resources and knowledge to become a changed man or woman.



How Can You Attract and Keep The Love You Really Want?

What Are The Secrets To Making Any Relationship Better?

With The "Relationship Attractor Factor"... Attracting The Love You Want or Creating A Great Relationship Has Never
Been Easier!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could attract or create the kind of love and relationship you really want to you and be able to keep that relationship strong, vibrant, alive and growing for as long as you wanted?

What if you could take your existing relationships and be able to make any problems or challenges virtually disappear and create more love and connection in those relationships than ever before?

No matter what your relationships have been like in the past, start getting excited because when you begin using the "Relationship Attractor Factor," not only are these things possible but miracles can happen in your life.

With the "Relationship Attractor Factor," you'll learn 7 simple steps for attracting and keeping the love you want.


How An Ordinary Couple From Ohio Attracted Their Perfect Partner Into Their Life & Created A True Soulmate Relationship In Less Than 90 Days... Using These 7 Simple Secrets


Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say

by Warren Farrell Ph.D.

In Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say, Dr. Warren Farrell demonstrates how gender-based anger at home, in the workplace, in omnipresent media images, and throughout the overall culture combines with men's own fear of speaking out to misrepresent the inner and outer reality of men's lives. Looking at the world from the perspectives of both men and women, Dr. Farrell provides a remarkable communication program to assist couples in moving beyond the current tripwire assumptions that lead to so much gender-based conflict, and to allow them to understand and love each other more fully than ever.

His methods are the culmination of thirty years of experience with thousands of men and women in workshops, groups, and seminars. They prove that strategies that create love at home can also produce success and respect in the workplace.



The Relationship Solution


  • You're in an "OK" relationship but you secretly long for more...
  • You keep going from one unsatisfying relationship to another and haven't been able to find the true "Mr. or Ms. Right"...
  • You and your partner argue and fight more than you'd like to, or just take each other for granted...
  • You've completely given up on the idea of finding true love...

"Anyone can create a close, loving relationship no matter what their past history or current situation... if you understand certain key principles and learn a few key skills."



Find out if HE or SHE is the one for you today! If you are a single, I'll teach you how to custom make your own, ideal relationship. If you are already attached, I'll teach you how to bring new passion to a long time relationship, heal a broken heart, or break down barriers that are keeping you apart!

A complete manual with more than 200 pages of information and contents used successfully by individuals and couples having real life challenges! If you are looking for a system that works in the real world, this is it. Grab your copy today.


Sick and tired of always getting into failing relationships and very sure that you would never be able to find your true love and get the love you desire?

Hold on a second! We are going to come clean and REVEAL the "Formula" in this tell-all Manual!

If You Are Single or Just Thinking There Must Be A Better Way To Create A Better Relationship And In Your Heart, Mind And Soul You Are Truly Seeking Your PERFECT Companion, This Program Is For You!

"Did You Know There IS Now A Simple, Step-By-Step Way To Create The Relationship of Your Dreams And Get Your True Love On Demand, By Following An Almost FOOL-PROOF Method To Bring The Highest And Best Soulbased Love Into Your Life?"


How To Overcome and Eliminate Jealousy From Your Relationships and Your Life!

What is the Real Secret To Overcoming Jealousy?


* What jealousy really is and what you have to do to overcome it.

* What are the two kinds of jealousy and how can you keep them from ruining your relationships?

* What is the negative belief that almost every couple has about jealousy that actually reinforces and perpetuates the feelings of jealousy?

* The single biggest thing you MUST do in order to heal the jealousy issues in your relationships (This is not what you think)

* One simple mind-shift that you can do any time, any where, that can stop jealousy cold in its tracks

* And much, much more...


How We Went From having Unfulfilling, Lifeless and Disconnected Relationships Filled With Lots of Drama in Our Previous Marriages to Creating a Truly "Magical" Relationship in Our Current Marriage To each Other...


52 Breakthrough strategies for creating the kind of relationship you've always wanted and help you start getting the love you want in your life now!


Why Building Trust is So Important in a Relationship...

Of all the qualities that make up a good relationship, trust is undeniably the most important. It's the one quality that a relationship simply can't survive without.

If you have trust issues in your relationship, then you and/or your partner will put a question mark in front of everything each other says or does. You'll doubt each other's love. You'll harbor unhealed resentments. Sex will be just going through the motions with little or no emotional connection.

In short, if trust is an issue in your relationship, you'll keep each other at a distance and not let the other get too close--even if you're married or in a committed relationship.

There's no question about it--If trust is an issue for you or your partner, you'll never be able to have the kind of relationship that you really want until you heal this issue.

108 Easy Ways to find, attract & keep a True Love!

- Do you want to remove the Barriers that are preventing you from meeting the right person?

- Is that special someone out there but hasn't seen you?

- Do you want to connect with your love mate and make him or her aware of your wonderful attributes?

- Are you eager to stimulate his or her passion for you?

- Do you desire to be loved - both emotionally and physically?

- Are you ready to be adored, desired, touched?

You can learn the insider secrets to getting the man or woman that you desire!


"Get rid of your love-life problems once and for all!"

"The Secret To Saving Your Romance From The Edge Of Disaster With 'Restart The Fire', And 'Couples-In-Love' Tips For The Man Or Woman."






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The Exhilarating Sexual Experiences Of The Most Satisfied...Most Knowledgeable... And Most Respected Lovers In The World

Have the best sex of your life, at any age... with the daringly complete program, 12 Steps To Everlasting Love, that is dramatically changing the love-life of men and women literally overnight.


If you want to know what women want from you or how they might try to influence you, this "Make Him Romantic" book can give you some insights.