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Mode One: Let The Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking by Alan Roger Currie examines The "Four Modes Of Verbal Communication" used by men in their interactions with single women.

If you've often been perceived as a "frustrated 'nice guy'" then Mode One is the book for you. You will discover how to quickly distinguish those women who have a genuine interest in you from those women who are looking to do nothing more than soak up flattering attention from you, or worse, use you for your money and manipulate you.

Also, you learn how to recognize when a woman is 'pretending' to be an "innocent, wholesome 'good girl'," but in reality is a more erotically uninhibited woman who has no problem indulging in a few episodes of casual, non-monogamous sex. Chapter Six in the book covers the concept of the "Wholesome Pretender" and the "Erotic Hypocrite." - A forum for men's issues


Awareness - the perils and opportunities of reality
- Anthony de Mello

Using humor, compassion, and insight, the beloved and best-selling Anthony de Mello teaches us to welcome the challenge of knowing ourselves and living the "aware" life.

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Present Moment Awareness: A Simple, Step-By-Step Guide to Living in the Now
by Shannon Duncan

Consider Present Moment Awareness a primer on the subject of living in the moment. Shannon Duncan explains his view of being present and how to live an aware life. If you've never been exposed to something like this before, this book can be an enlightening introduction. The book is easy to understand and has quite a few exercises designed to actively teach you how to be present right now.

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When I Say No, I Feel Guilty
by Manuel J. Smith

The best-seller that helps you say: "I just said 'no' and I don't feel guilty!" Are you letting your kids get away with murder? Are you allowing your mother-in-law to impose her will on you? Are you embarrassed by praise or crushed by criticism? Are you having trouble coping with people? Learn the answers in When I Say No, I Feel Guilty, the best-seller with revolutionary new techniques for getting your own way.

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Why your life Sucks and what you can do About it
by Alan Cohen

Why Your Life Sucks is a book that gets right to the point. Its in-your-face title and message hits the reader right between the eyes. Whether it's over a job, a relationship, or money issues, everyone has times when they just don't feel right. In this no-hype guide, Alan H. Cohen will give the ten reasons Why Your Life Sucks - and teach you what you can do about it! He'll show readers how to throw away expectations, stop trying to fix other people, and stop wasting energy. Stop laughing at the title, and buy this book!

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Why Men Are the Way They Are
by Warren Farrell Ph.D.

Farrell explains life from a man's perspective. If you've wondered why men find it hard to commit, why they provide solutions instead of empathy, why they can't just stop and ask directions, or why they spend so much time at work, this book is for you. Farrell addresses the other side of sexism, asking why women, if they want equality, expect men to pick up the check at dinner. He explains the male experience of being a "success object" as well as explaining why men make women into "sex objects" to lessen the pain of rejection. The reader learns what men talk about with the "guys" and why vulnerability is so difficult for men to express.



The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond...
A Soulful Approach to the Emotional Freedom Techniques and Holistic Healing

By Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountrose

A CONCISE GUIDE for anyone interested in the healing arts and fulfilling their full potential…

EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique) has been called a modern miracle in healing. As growing numbers of people know, it works quickly and can be used on virtually any issue, and no previous training or experience is needed to succeed.

Building on the Mountroses' popular paperback Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT, this e-book has hundreds of practical and transformational tips and strategies for using EFT and holistic healing for creating the life you truly desire.

"It is a kind of encyclopedia of knowledge in EFT and energy and spiritual healing, written in an easy-to-understand manner. Moreover, the tables and diagrams alone convey many wonderful ideas, methods, and approaches.”
--Philip Friedman, PhD, author of Creating Well-Being

Included are 12 leading EFT Experts' proven tips and strategies for making EFT even easier and more effective in all aspects of your life.

This book gets our Thumbs UP Award for good value. It offers an excellent introduction to the topic and covers a wide variety of enhancement techniques. We consider this one of the best books on the subject available. is a complete
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